EMERGENT indents as well as trades in various products viz.Duplex Board, Test Liner and Fluting Medium, Coated and Uncoated Wood free paper and other specialty paper and paperboards confirming to buyers needs.

It is our constant endeavour to increase our sourcing from reputed mills globally to meet the growing demands of our buyers.

EMERGENT has now spread its wings into diverse consumer products with FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.

These are sourced from the farms and gardens of India, Oman and other fertile lands for the best of fruits and vegetables viz.Apples, Kiwi, Watermelon, Banana; Lettuce, Capsicum, Onions etc.

It is our desire to be the best in every sphere of work with our business partners.

Emergent General Trading LLC

EMERGENT GENERAL TRADING LLC was established in the year 2020.

The founder Mr. Asif Golwala has a collective experience of 36 years  in various trading activities and primarily paper.

After initially focusing on waste paper, the company shifted its focus to prime production paper viz.paper produced from waste paper as well as wood pulp.

Upon starting with the local printing and packaging industry for its sales of paper and paper boards, the company now supplies paper in the MENA region as well as East Europe.

We source our paper primarily from reputed Indian mills viz.BILT, RAMA NEWSPRINT, etc., we also source from global suppliers viz.APP, CHENMING in China and various other mills in Korea, Turkey and Indonesia.



We are one of the Leading Trading Company in UAE